Frequently Asked Questions about the Matching Process

(Click here for questions specific to child care providers.)

How are families matched with providers who need care?

  • Both families and providers submit applications via
  • The Colorado Department of Human Services reviews the families' applications to determine whether they are eligible for the program, based on their line of work. (For more on the determination of who is eligible to receive care, the Colorado Office of Early Childhood has provided guidance here.)
  • Once the family's application has been approved, the family will receive an email giving them access to an online platform / web app, where they can provide a full description of the care they need. Their care request is then broadcast (via text message) to all eligible providers in their area who have indicated that they have capacity to care for children in the age groups requested by the family. If a provider who receives the text message can accommodate the family at their facility, they text back, and the app immediately sends both the family and the provider full contact details. The family and provider can then make appropriate arrangements for enrollment.

Will families receive a list of possible providers they match with, or will they just be matched with one program?

No. Families will be matched with the first available provider. If they are not happy with the provider they have been matched with, they can simply communicate with the provider that it isn't a good match, and can use the app again to try to be matched with a different provider.

How can families make a request for a specific provider?

We cannot guarantee that a family will be placed with a specific provider. The purpose of the program is to make care available to families who may not have access to care otherwise, so our priority is helping everyone who needs care to find it. However, to increase the chances that you will be matched with a specific provider of your choice, try the following:

  • Confirm that your preferred provider is eligible to be matched with families under this program. (You can check here for all currently approved providers. More are added each day.)
  • Confirm with your preferred provider that they are able to accommodate your children -- and, most importantly, are licensed to serve the age groups of your children.
  • When entering your request in the app, select your provider from the drop-down menu.
  • Remember that by selecting only a single provider, your care request will ONLY go to that provider. If that provider is not able to accommodate your request, you will not receive a confirmation text. You will have to enter a new request to send your care request to additional providers.

What information does the family receive about their match with a provider?

Once a match has been made, you will receive a text message with the name, address, telephone number and email address of the provider with whom you've been matched, and will be instructed to reach out to the provider to arrange enrollment. 

What should I do if I'm not happy with my match, or find alternative care, and wish to cancel my match?

That is not a problem. We only ask that you let the provider know that you will not need care, AND that you let us know by emailing us at

My children's child care center is still open, or I have made alternative arrangements. Can I receive a cash subsidy to pay for that care?

If your preferred child care provider is a licensed and approved provider on our list, and you are an essential worker who is determined to be eligible to participate in the program, you may ask to be placed there through this program (see above for the process for requesting care from a specific provider). However, this program only covers care provided to eligible families by providers approved for the program by the Office of Early Childhood, and we cannot guarantee that you will be matched with any specific provider. If your preferred child care provider is not already an approved provider on our list, you may encourage them to sign up by completing the provider survey here.

I tried to use the app, but either did not get matched or got matched with a provider that is too far away. What can I do?

We are working hard to bring as many licensed providers into the program as possible, but there are still areas where we lack sufficient providers to fill all the demand. If you are unable to be matched with a provider in your area, please try again as often as you'd like. We are adding new providers to the list every day. Please remember to communicate with providers you are matched with to let them know if you are or are not planning to enroll with them.

I only need care part-time or for specific hours. Can this program accommodate that?

Providers understand that your child care needs may vary day by day. Please clearly describe your care needs in your care request, and then coordinate directly with the provider regarding scheduling once you're matched.

I prefer that someone come to my house to care for my child. Is that an option?

At this time, we are only able to make matches through this program to licensed child care providers at child care centers or family child care homes.

Questions Specific to Providers

I submitted the provider survey. Will I receive a confirmation that my survey was accepted into the system?

You should have received a confirmation email indicating your survey was received, and a text message once you have been approved to begin receiving matches.  If you did not receive a confirmation or you have not begun receiving text messages regarding matches, please email

How will I know whether I have been approved to be part of the emergency child care program? 

Once you have submitted all required information, the Colorado Department of Human Services will review your information to confirm you are licensed to serve the number of children you have indicated and that you have no adverse licensing findings.  Providers who pass this review process will be put into the matching pool. If you have questions about your status for approval, please contact your licensing specialist. 

I am receiving text messages for times and days when I'm not open. Is there some sort of error?

Care requests are sent to all providers who are licensed for the age groups the family needs, and who are nearby geographically. We don't track hours of operation -- especially since that can vary so much in this environment. If you see a care request that you cannot accommodate for ANY reason, simply ignore it.

What if I DON'T want to receive text messages about care requests?

If you want to stop receiving text messages about care requests, permanently or just temporarily, just text STOP in reply to the last care request you received. If you want to start receiving the care request messages again, text UNSTOP to the same number.

What information does a provider receive about their match with a family? 

In the initial match broadcast, providers only see the first name and last initial of the person requesting care, the age ranges of the children, and the description of needed care provided by the family, Once a provider has indicated that they are able to accept the family, the family will receive full contact details about the provider.

What if a family cancels after receiving their match?  Will I be notified that they will not be showing up?

Right now, we do not have the capacity to directly notify you that a family has canceled. We encourage families to notify you personally if they do not intend to enroll.

How will I get paid for the care I am providing under this program?

Details on the payment process can be found here.